Hi, I'm Nicholas Ionata

I'm studying Computer Science and Business at the University of Florida


Raymond James Financial

Software Developer Intern

May 2018 - August 2018

I am currently working on Enterprise Services.

Java - Spring - OracleDB


Co-Founder/Software Developer

September 2016 - Current

A startup I co-founded and work on as the tech lead. Through mobile and web apps we provide a highly efficient group attendance tracking service.

React.js - React Native - Firebase

Lockheed Martin

Industrial Engineering Intern

May 2017 - August 2017

During my internship I did a lot of data analysis and reporting. Additionally, I created two tools in VBA that help with various processes.

VBA - Excel - Data Analysis



SpatialVR is a virtual reality therapy experience that helps people with spatial hearing disorder. All of the data in the game is presented in a frontend application for trend analysis.

React.js - Node.js - MongoDB


A web app I co-developed at HackMIT 2017. Using the Amadeus travel API we find the most affordable vacation spots for a group of friends with varying budgets.

React.js - Firebase - Amadeus API

Big Brother Experience

A web app I created as an AP Lit end-of-year project. The app tests your literature knowledge through a quiz. It is themed around the all-knowing Big Brother.

React.js - Heroku


A web app I created. The app allows remote teams to find meeting availability across multiple time zones. It uses sessions for easy collaboration.

React.js - Heroku - Firebase


A website I created for my school's Engineering Honor Society. The website provides information about the club including its leadership, committees, and partners.

HTML - CSS - JavaScript


A web app I made at Local Hack Day East Lake High. The tool allows people to form teams for hackathons, projects, etc. based on a common idea.

HTML - CSS - jQuery - Firebase


A startup I co-founded and worked on as the design lead. Our web app allowed kids to engage in monthy hackathons. Made at MIT Launch

Illustrator - Photoshop - Premiere


A Minecraft Bukkit plugin I created. The plugin allows server owners to easily create customizable tutorials around their servers to educate players.

Java - CraftBukkit